Is it OK to use a playpen for our baby?

We live in a pretty small house and at this point our baby is sleeping in a bedroom that we use as an office.  We can't change that for now, so we plan to keep things as childproofed as we can.  My mom suggested that we get a playpen, but my friends tell me that is a really bad idea. (Actually, they act as if I’m contemplating child abuse). But my mom says there will be times when I can't watch the baby every minute and I don't want to have to put him in his crib just so that I can go to the bathroom. What do you think?

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Should Our Baby Have A "Security Blanket" For Sleep At Daycare?

Our 6-month old baby Alice is doing pretty well with sleep at home but seems to have trouble settling herself for naps at day care. Weve read that she should have a security object.Weve offered her several of the animal blankets that every other baby seems to like, but so far she doesnt seem interested. Does it really make a difference? We want her to feel secure. What else can we do?

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Solutions for Every Day Life with Children

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Are you a parent who wants a better relationship with your child now and in the future? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Family Counselor with 30+ years of experience, I understand children and I understand families.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

• You have a child who seems more difficult or complicated than other children you know.

• Your child is having sleep problems

• You feel uncertain about the best way to discipline

• Your child has challenging behavior at home or at school

• Your children don't get along with one another

• Your child is dealing with anxiety or other difficult feelings

• ¥our child has difficulty using the toilet or has enuresis or encopresis (accidental wetting or soiling)

• ¥ou need guidance for how to talk to your child about difficult subjects, such as paents divorce or separation, family illness, death

• ¥ou feel pressed for time and don't know how best to manage the family/work balancing act

Perhaps you have a few parenting questions, or perhaps you have a long list.  You aren’t looking for a diagnosis. You want expertise, guidance and support from someone who sees every child as a unique person.

I meet with families in person in the San Francisco Bay Area and by Skype, Facetime, email and telephone all over the world.  My approach is flexible to meet your needs. Parents tell me that they see changes after our very first meeting and that a short term consultation leads to long term results. 

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